Recently retired teachers and accreditation

If you’re a recently retired teacher and would like to undertake accreditation so you can possibly take a day or two here and there as a casual teacher, this is what you need to know about accreditation.

Currently, teachers who have worked in NSW since before 1 October, 2004, and have not taken a break from teaching in NSW of more than five years, are not currently required to be accredited. But starting from 1 January 2018, all teachers in NSW schools (Department of Education, Catholic systemic, Christian and independent schools) will need to be accredited to start, continue or return to teaching in a NSW school.

For those of you who have recently retired, you will need to create an account with NESA and then follow their instructions for the remainder of the process, including making sure you have a current Working With Children Check as well as paying the $100 annual fee to NESA for your accreditation. Once you are maintaining your Proficient accreditation, NESA will be your TAA (Teacher Accreditation Authority) and will validate your PD hours.

The IEU expects further details to be available from NESA soon.