NESA backs down on HSC markers' conditions

NESA has backed down on significant changes to conditions for on screen briefings for HSC markers. NESA wanted to change the timings for briefings sessions in a way that would have meant some markers would have had to pay more in accommodation and travel than they would have earned to attend on screen corporate briefing sessions in Sydney. The IEU, working with the Teachers’ Federation and NTEU, ensured that HSC markers’ conditions are protected, and there will be no change to this in the new enterprise agreement.

Currently, some HSC markers attend an on screen corporate briefing for two days in Sydney. During these days, they work from 9am to 5.30pm. For the period from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, markers are paid an additional rate. However, NESA wanted to change this arrangement to one where teachers would work from 9am to 3.30pm over three days.

This meant that teachers would have to pay for at least one further night’s accommodation, as well as not being eligible for the additional rate for the extra two hours worked each day. This meant that some markers, especially those from the country, would have been out of pocket, once accommodation expenses were included.

After negotiations, NESA agreed not to change the current arrangement. The IEU will continue finalising the enterprise agreement, which is expected to last for two years, and will include pay rises of 2.5% for each of those two years.

Keith Heggart