Putting some rules around your day

It’s critical for beginning teachers to join the Union.

New IEU Organiser James Jenkins-Flint wants to make sure there are rules around your day so you can get on with your job in security.

“I want to help hard working people who don’t have the time or the inclination to investigate the rules around the workplace and work intensification,” James said.

James has 11 years experience as a primary teacher and many years as an IEU Rep and Executive member of IEU Council.

After a Masters of Teaching at the University of Sydney James began his career at St Therese Catholic Primary School in Padstow in 2006.

“I love the magic in teaching primary,” he said.

“The students are enthusiastic and easily engaged by charisma and a well delivered lesson.

“I was aware of the shortage of male teachers – when I was at school I enjoyed having the rare male teacher and thought it was important to bring that to the primary sector.

“In my second year my principal suggested I become the IEU Rep. He really thought it would be a great learning experience for a young teacher and encouraged me, without ever really saying where he stood in terms of the Union.

“My mother became an organiser for the Teachers Federation at TAFE, so I’d seen examples of why it was important to be involved.

“Jobs I had while a student really highlighted the need to know what your hours are and the rules around your work.”

In 2011 James became part of the IEU Council to get to know more about the way the Union worked and be involved in decision making processes.

As an organiser, he particularly wants to appeal to support staff and beginning teachers and built up the Union's density in schools.

“These are the staff who are most vulnerable. I’ve heard of young teachers being called in for half days and not getting paid. It’s critical for beginning teachers to join the Union.”

James will initially be visiting schools in the Broken Bay, Lansdowne and Sydney metropolitan area sub branches of the Union.