UPDATE: Christian schools

The Union has been negotiating with Christian Schools Australia for a new Multi-Enterprise Agreement (MEA) to apply to general staff for the period 2017 – 2018, to replace the current MEA that expired at the end of 2013.

A new Teaching Staff MEA was made at the end of 2015.

Negotiations have been protracted because of changes proposed by the employers to the current MEA and because of concerns by the Union that some conditions in the current MEA, would not meet the minimum standards required by the Fair Work Commission if they were reflected in the new MEA. This includes in relation to issues such as the span of ordinary working hours, salary progression, and when overtime is payable.

The Union is also continuing to discuss the proposed pay rises that would apply under the new MEA. CSA has offered a 2.25% per annum increase in 2017 and 2018 but the Union is seeking a higher increase of 2.5% per annum. We are hopeful that the terms of the new MEA will be finalised in the next few weeks.

Carol Matthews
Assistant Secretary