Valerie the voice of classroom teachers

Valerie Jones is looking forward to being the voice of the classroom teacher when she takes over from Dayle Costello as IEU Rep on the BOSTES Primary Curriculum Committee.

Valerie is President of the South Coast Branch and has been IEU Rep at St Francis Xavier’s and now Good Samaritan Fairy Meadow for seven years.

“I’m passionate about the Union and what the IEU does for education. If you want social justice for people, it’s the way to go,” Valerie said.

“I feel support at all levels, from the school, from the Union and, with the Vatican writing about social justice issues, I feel support from the highest office of the Church.”

The need to get government policy right came to the fore for Valerie when she arrived in Australia from New Zealand nine years ago.

Between them, Valerie and her husband had about 30 years teaching experience, but they were still required to go through accreditation as new scheme teachers.

“It’s important that someone who is in the classroom every day has a role in implementing policy.

“We’re the ones who have to put education policies into practice. I have seen how much accreditation affects teachers, and the anxiety it is causing more mature teachers.”

As South Coast President Valerie said she would be able to gauge the feelings of members at branch meetings and bring those to the BOSTES committee.

“You have to be flexible when you’re a teacher, so I’m only a phone call away and support from the Union is only a phone call away too.

“I hope I can follow in Dayle footstep’s and achieve something significant for teachers in the role.”