Check your allowances

If you work in a Catholic systemic schools which has a new Enterprise Agreement (EA), you should check that your classification levels are correct. There have been a number of questions arising from the transfer of classifications to the new EA. Do not hesitate to check with your employer and if in doubt contact your IEU organiser.

First Aid allowances should be checked too. There has been a change in the number of allowances payable for medical and health related duties. There is no longer a ‘medications allowance’ or a ‘mix health allowance’, both of which were payable to eligible employees in the previous support staff agreements.

Under the provisions of the new agreement, employees required to administer medications are now eligible to receive the First Aid Allowance, and any employees performing health care procedures as well as First Aid duties, will be eligible to be paid both allowances.

It came to light during negotiations of this agreement that some dioceses had been incorrectly applying the medications allowance and for many years had been paying some employees both the medications allowance and the First Aid allowance.

These employees were notified in late 2015 that from the beginning of 2016 they would no longer be receiving the additional amount. Contact the Union if you are concerned about the loss of any of these payments.

Whooping cough and vaccinations

Concerns were recently raised at a Branch meeting regarding the resurgence of whooping cough (also known as pertussis) especially among school staff.

This contagious disease is characterised by vomiting or severe coughing that may end in a ‘whooping’ sound. It can last for weeks or months and is sometimes known as the ‘100 day cough’. It is important for school staff to be vaccinated against it. If you are unsure, please discuss your vaccination needs with your doctor.

Also, check if vaccinations are free to school staff. Some of our employers might be willing to sponsor staff with the cost of this vaccination, just as many do with the flu vaccine. Surely worth the conversation!

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff