Interns enjoy seeing the human side

The IEU recently played host to two interns participating in the Unions NSW Union Summer program, which allows graduates or students to get a taste of life in trade unionism.

Damien Lee is a graduate from the University of Sydney with an Honours degree in International Government Relations.

He saw the advertisement for Union Summer on line and got through the rigorous interview process.

“I think they chose a union for us where they think we will thrive,” Damien said.

“My social justice work revolved around education and I am a music tutor too.”

Damien is interested in the role of a union industrial officer and is thinking about a postgraduate law degree.

“Unions allow you to do something good for people while working within the framework of the law.

“I really enjoy having something concrete to work with and being able to use that to help others.”

Unions allow you to do something good for people while working within the framework of the law.

Victoria Ginnane is studying law at UTS following a degree in Commerce and Liberal Studies at University of Sydney, majoring in HR, industrial relations, political economy and international business.

She has also worked as a research assistant at an employment law firm.

“I really loved that and studying industrial relations, so I decided the law degree was a good fit,” Victoria said.

She is now working for a small law firm that deals with workers compensation cases, and she said it was great to see things from the other perspective.

Both interns enjoyed accompanying IEU Organiser Kendall Warren to a Navitas English college where they discussed the dispute with members.

“Seeing how people react to what employers do and say was really interesting,” Victoria said.

Sue Osborne