Love what you do – do what you love

We all know that we did not choose teaching because of the amazing pay. Teaching probably chose us. It’s a vocation and a dedication that only we can understand, possibly to the bemusement or frustration of our families.

Those of us who have ventured into the wonderful world of being a teacher, regardless of the age, gender or culture of our students, can sometimes find ourselves in a fractured environment beyond our control.

In 2016 the BOSTES requirements and the Working With Children Checks are going to require careful attention to detail – especially for pre 2004 teachers. If you are not registered you cannot teach. It is essential that you do not ignore this process. Check with colleagues that they too have followed the guidelines.

Data for data’s sake?

Is professional judgment and knowledge of your students being undermined because so much teaching time has to be spent collecting various data instead of actually teaching?

One issue that is becoming more problematic is the implementation of data collection in schools. What is done with this data, once collected? Data wall? Instructional walk? Are you given time to analyse it effectively to inform your teaching? In your chapter meeting, discussion of workload issues is probably advisable and you should communicate your chapter’s opinions to your organiser.

With that in mind, enjoy the break over Easter and the holidays – well deserved.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Systemic Schools