Time to ask yourself some questions

Here we are heading for Easter. Term I is almost over. Probably a good time to reflect on the year so far. How are your working conditions?

Are you getting 30 minutes of uninterrupted lunch breaks daily?

Is all of your professional development offered during school time? Is there support for graduate teachers? Are your class sizes within acceptable limits? Are you using your relief from face to face teaching (RFF) time wisely? Is your workload acceptable?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions you may like to call a chapter meeting to discuss any issues that you believe are affecting your teaching. Contact your organiser or chapter rep to organise a meeting.

The IEU’s professional development program continues to please with a selection of seminars and forums that cover varying topics, including Anti Social Media, How NSW Accreditation Works, Maintenance of Accreditation, Dealing with Difficult People and Starting Strong.

Reps Training will be held in most regions throughout NSW and the ACT. All dates and details can be found on the IEU website and in Newsmonth.

The newly formed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Working Party has met on two occasions and has a full agenda for the coming year. If you have any issues or items for this working party, contact Karen Forbes, email karen@ieu.asn.au.

International Women’s Day was celebrated at the IEU’s Wattle Street office on Friday 4 March. It was pleasing to see over 60 participants who enjoyed the speakers, nibbles and time to network. Our thanks to NGS, Teachers Health Fund and ME Bank who donated prizes for the raffle. All proceeds went to APHEDA to support the wonderful work that they continue to do in Cambodia.

Enjoy the rest of the term, the Easter break and then relax and enjoy your vacation. Make time for yourself, family and friends.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you again throughout the year.

Chris Wilkinson