Salary deductions for laptops not lawful

Teachers cannot be forced to buy IT devices like ipads and laptops through salary deductions, a court has ruled.

In Victoria the Australian Education Union has just won millions of dollars back payment for more than 40,000 teachers and principals in a landmark case.

The Federal Court found the Victorian Government made unlawful deductions from the salaries of teachers and principals in contravention of the Fair Work Act, by requiring them to pay for access to the Education Department’s laptops directly out of wages.

The IEU has dealt with a similar issue in the Lismore Diocese, where teachers in some schools were asked to buy their own laptops for work purposes with an option to salary sacrifice.

After the IEU raised members’ concerns with the CEO the matter was resolved with a favourable outcome.

Cases like this arise from time to time; members with queries should contact their IEU Organiser.