Brave new world begins for all teachers

As the year is quickly winding up, not slowing down, but winding up . . . it gives us a chance to reflect on achievements in our sector.

The finalisation of the enterprise agreement, after such a long running dispute, with improved conditions, is a significant accomplishment. This would not have been possible without the actions by you, your colleagues in your workplace and those all around the state. The solidarity of members has proven the strength of your Union.

The brave new world of accreditation for pre 2004 teachers will be the immediate challenge in 2016. Secondary teachers are the first to move into the BOSTES accreditation process with primary teachers beginning in 2017. Teachers who are already working are automatically moved to the Proficient level. This is unavoidable so don’t ignore it or you might find yourself unable to teach, even as a casual.

AITSL standards are being fully implemented in the New Year. The challenge with this implementation is to not let employers use it so that it becomes intrusive and increases workload.

Are you changing schools in 2016? Are you moving systems? Make sure your membership goes with you. Notify the IEU office if you are moving school/house, especially if you’re on payroll deductions or on maternity leave or other leave.

If someone is new to your workplace ask if they have made sure their membership is up to date. Diligence is important especially in the case of needing assistance.

Enjoy the summer break. Recharge the batteries because we will need to power on in 2016.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Systemic Schools