Ten tips for the Teacher Quality Institute

With the end of the year fast approaching here is some friendly advice to ensure that your registration will be maintained in 2016.

You must complete 100 hours of professional learning over five years.

Each year you should register five hours of Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) accredited professional learning and 15 hours of teacher identified learning.

Contact TQI if you are intending to take leave for an extended period of time.

Teacher identified learning can include reading and professional conversations.

University courses can count for 10 hours per unit. Make sure you put the total hours that the university recommends into the box. The maximum hours that you can enter at a time is 100 hours. The total hours will be recorded on your profile, but the total time is not counted on your record for registration. You can do this through teacher identified learning instead if you want all hours to count towards registration.

There are many free online courses available which could be used as self directed learning.

Head to the Teaching Portal, specifically to the events section, to find a list of TQI accredited professional learning. There are even ones announced for next year.

Keep an eye out over the next year as many teachers’ Working with Vulnerable People (WwVP) registrations will expire. You will need to renew this if you want to maintain your TQI accreditation.

Casual teachers (and all teachers) have opportunities available to attend sessions at TQI each year to find out about requirements and to gain support in accreditation maintenance.

Contact your IEU Organiser if you need additional support and advice.

Leah Godfrey
Vice President ACT