Compulsory unionism good for Canadian teachers

Visiting Canadian exchange teacher Jane Moore (pictured right) said many things are similar about her homeland compared to Australia, but a difference that has surprised her is the falling number of union members.

Moore attended June IEU Council and was quite shocked to learn that getting new teachers to join the IEU can be a challenge.

“In Canada it’s compulsory to join the union so we don’t even think about it,” she said.

“I don’t think new teachers in Australia realise how important it is to have the Union behind them.

“I’m listening to the discussion on how to increase enrolments and quite glad we don’t face this situation back home.”

While the Australian personality is very similar to the laid back Canadians, Jane has observed a high work ethic among Australian teachers.

“You guys work really hard. It’s been a learning experience for me and I’ve got a lot to take back with me.

“For instance, I recently took part in some professional development about extending kids in math.

“Also, you do a lot of planning here which we don’t do.”

Jane has come to Australia alone from Nova Scotia and is teaching at Good Shepherd Primary School in Canberra.

She’s had a chance to travel to Darwin, Uluru, Mt Kosciusko, Kangaroo Valley and Sydney and plans to visit Queensland next holidays.