Jump Step has Gabriel jumping for joy

IEU member and Marist College North Shore teacher Gabriel Rulewski is the latest beneficiary of the Jump Step provision in the recently signed and Union endorsed enterprise agreement (EA).

Rulewski became aware of the possible eligibility for reclassification and backpay at his Chapter meeting in late Term 2.

Under the terms of the current EA, any member employed pre-2004 progressing up the incremental scale who has been on Step 10 (ACT Step 7) at any time from the first full pay period after July 2017 should immediately progress to Band 2 Level 3 (old Step 11).

“I looked at the information the Union provided, reviewed my payslips and realised I was probably eligible for the reclassification of the pay scale from late August of last year.

“I clarified the situation with my Union organiser and, a couple of emails later, SCS have agreed to backpay of nearly nine months.”

Rulewski is happy to tell his story to ensure other Union members don’t miss out on this great Union won benefit. “It’s the least I can do”.

All Union members are encouraged to review the new EA and the Work Practices Agreements to ensure they are receiving any new or existing entitlements due to them under the terms of the current agreements.

For more information regarding your entitlements, contact your Organiser on 8202 8900. Regional and country members should call toll free on 1800 467 943.

Pat Devery