From knowledge comes wisdom

Teachers aide Narelle Ryall said building up her own ‘assets’ through support from the Union enabled her to be more present with her students.

Ryall is the IEU Rep for ASPECT Riverina and a delegate to IEU Council.

ASPECT provides education for children on the autism spectrum. Narelle said she loves working with children, regardless of their abilities.

“I love my job, seeing the children progress and fly. Little steps are monumental steps for our children.”

A Rep for about seven years, Ryall attended the BOLD women in leadership conference hosted by the IEUA in Canberra and said it was “brilliant”.

“I joined the Union because I wanted to be able to support my fellow workers

“Having a person you can go to and be heard by is really important.

“The BOLD conference gave women a voice that’s not always there. Within the Union itself there are many strong women who are continually listening to other women, working on behalf of women by being in a constant battle for equality in the workforce and life, plus mentoring other women.

“Attending things like BOLD and being part of the IEU builds up my own assets, self-esteem and knowledge, and from knowledge comes wisdom.

“Being with the students with that support behind you helps you be a better teachers aide.”