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Proposed tests for four year olds could lead to coaching of preschool children

Claire: I’m so glad my grandchildren are past this age! NAPLAN is bad enough. Let teachers teach and remove all this garbage from our schools.

Jane: More tests . . . just sad.

Carole: Four year olds just want to play and have fun, they don’t need to be prepared for preschool. That’s what preschool is, preparation for primary education.

New research shows NSW teachers working long hours to cope with administrative load

Greg: Forget helicopter parenting. The helicopter bureaucracy is taking over. No room to breathe. They own us.

Victoria: Not good enough. Working longer unpaid hours to cope is the equivalent of slave labour.

Jack: Put a work ban on unnecessary paperwork.

Tony: Not only NSW teachers, certainly all teachers!

Katherine: Quality teachers have always worked long hours. It’s about what they are spending their time doing that is critical! Less testing more time to teach.

Ellie: Majority of my work these days is paperwork. I wish I had more time to invest in creating more interesting lessons for my classes.

Keeping the heart in teaching: Teacher by Gabbie Stroud

MJ: Seventeen years of teaching experience. I resigned from teaching last week. For many reasons but for the most part because of what Gabbie Stroud states. Burn out is not a personal or school responsibility, it’s a societal responsibility and it is taking its toll on passionate educators. Enough is enough.

Natasha: A health and safety issue like any other that needs a risk management approach. Assess the risk then eliminate and minimise it. Workload is a risk leading to fatigue. Lack of autonomy and ownership of work is another risk factor. Student/parent violence. The list goes on. WHS and OHS laws need to be used.

Payrise for politicians as penalty rates trimmed further in hospitality and retail

Simon: Without penalty rates, my daughters cannot attend university and work in the hours they are not studying. They simply can’t afford it. This impacts on where they can attend uni, and therefore often the quality of their tertiary education. This then impacts on us as parents and how we then have to pay more for the privilege of their education.

Judith: The LNP are taking us back to the days when university was only for the very wealthy. They will not rest until they have undone every reform Gough achieved.

Shelley: Can we all have our pay rises reviewed by their independent body? Seriously.

New bill criminalises union activism

Dave: Another attack against organised labour.

Alan: It would seem that this fits squarely within political communication however, the High Court’s approach to the implied freedom of political freedom has been to avoid it as part of its reasoning. Best of luck!

What is the biggest issue the NESA NSW Curriculum review needs to address?

Amy: Overcrowding of the curriculum!

Michael: In primary curriculum more dedicated focus on literacy and numeracy. In secondary a greater focus and more time on critical reasoning and deductive reasoning for the humanities in light of a post truth digitalised sensationalised era.

Raelene: Competing educational agendas being sold as NESA compliance of ‘best practice’.