Reading your union news pays off

After reading the item Is your Award Right? in TrT, the IEU enews for early childhood teachers, one member contacted her Union.

Fair Work Ombudsman advisors had incorrectly advised early childhood services that qualified teachers who are employed as office based directors should be employed under the Children’s Services Award instead of the Educational Services (Teachers) Award.

This advice contradicted previous written assurances by the Fair Work Ombudsman to the IEU confirming that university qualified teachers (including those who are employed as directors) are to be employed under the Educational Services (Teachers) Award.

The member sent in her contract to the early childhood team at the IEU after seeing this TrT article and discovered she has been employed under the incorrect award ($8 an hour below what she should be paid, so a backpay claim is underway).

The IEU will support the member dealing with her employer to make sure she is paid correctly.

All directors are advised to check their awards and if you are unsure or feel that you may be employed under the incorrect award, seek advice from the early childhood team at the IEU.