ACT community stands out

I want to congratulate the ACT on the referendum results. To say I am proud of the ACT community is an understatement. While the national referendum results were disappointing, I took solace that my community voted in support of the Voice.

Aboriginal people practice deep listening, an almost spiritual skill, based on respect. ‘Dadirri’ is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘inner deep listening and quiet still awareness and waiting’. How can we use ‘Dadirri’ to help us listen to our First Nations People?

How can we help address the inequity and other injustice experienced by First Nations Peoples in Australia?

There is not any moment in time that can extinguish the vast history, or the ancestral ties to land, culture and traditions, of this nation’s First Peoples.

Our greatest strength – solidarity – is how we turn this result into a day of hope and action, despite the result.