IEU Speaks: Collective struggles for change never easy

Union members fight for change in their workplaces, industries, professions, and communities. Our campaigns often come up against powerful interests determined to block such progress.

Sadly, the referendum didn’t deliver our First Nations a Voice. In areas with majority Indigenous populations, the ‘yes’ vote was successful. 67% of union members voted ‘yes’, however, our community campaign and solidarity actions weren’t enough. This time.

Union activists know that tough campaigns can take years to win. This is a setback but not a defeat. The IEU will never stop fighting for Indigenous members, students and their school communities.

The high level of ‘yes’ support from younger Australians gives great hope that change will come. This new and growing cohort of voters strongly rejected the politics of division and negativity.

As educators, we are dedicated to making a positive difference for future generations. We have a powerful opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in our schools, kindergartens and preschools.

  • IEU members remain deeply committed to closing the gap in educational outcomes and the wellbeing of Indigenous students in our care.
  • IEU members remain deeply committed to teaching about the struggles and proud history of our nation’s First People, and how our community can embrace true reconciliation.
  • IEU members remain deeply committed to our campaign for greater funding and targeted resources to address educational disadvantage through forums such as the National School Reform Agreement and Early Years (Childhood Education) Strategy.
  • IEU members remain deeply committed to closing the gap in jobs, household earnings and living standards through better wages, secure work and fairer workplace laws.
  • IEU members remain deeply committed to delivering better recognition and reward for our First Nations members working as Indigenous liaison officers, education youth workers and in cultural support roles in schools.
  • IEU members remain deeply committed to creating pathways for more Indigenous people to become teachers within a more diverse and inclusive profession.
  • IEU members remain deeply committed to improving the representation of First Nations People in our delegate structures, leadership roles and union workplaces.

Our core union values promote consultation, representation and inclusion. This is why the IEU, and our 75,000 members, will always stand in solidarity with our First Australians.

IEU Speaks is the mouthpiece of the union’s federal representatives, based in Canberra.