HSC markers update

As nearly all the written HSC exams are now being marked remotely on screen, there has been a noticeable drop off in members volunteering to be the IEU Rep for each of the marking centres.

There has also been a drop in the more commonplace inquiries the union has previously received, such as those concerning unsuitable venue conditions, access to food outlets, parking issues, etc.

While members are still able and encouraged to elect an IEU Rep for their marking operation, the IEU has also decided to streamline our processes for providing organiser support to HSC markers working remotely.

To that end, we have created a dedicated HSC markers IEU email address: hscmarkers@ieu.asn.au . Members can also call 02 8202 8900/1800 467 943.

IEU members from all marking operations are invited to contact the IEU through this email with their contact details. This email address will be regularly monitored, and an organiser will contact the member or members concerned.

Members are reminded that, as a matter of courtesy, minor concerns, in the first instance, should be raised with the Senior Marker or Supervisor of Marking (SOM) to allow them the opportunity to address the issue at the local level.

If members believe the response to be inadequate, or the issue persists or reoccurs, they should contact the union office through the details provided.

HSC Award Negotiations

As this article goes to press, the IEU is confident that a 4% increase in the HSC Markers Award will be finalised.

This new agreement would be the largest increase for HSC markers since 2009 and would see the weekday rate for a marker increase from $87.68/hr to $91.19/hr while the Saturday rate increase from $97.66/hr to $101.57/hr.

As the agreement will run from December 2022 until December 2023, there is consensus between the unions that any increases reflecting the higher percentages recently won in government and Catholic systemic schools should be claimed in the negotiations for the 2024 agreement.

Pat Devery
HSC Markers Organiser