New voice for teachers on ACT board

Organiser Anthony Telford is the IEU’s new representative to the board of the ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI).

Anthony previously served on the TQI Professional Learning and Development Committee and looks forward to representing the interests of IEU members and the broader teaching community on the board.

TQI aims to be a responsive regulator which recognises the professionalism of ACT teachers and supports and builds the status of teachers. The IEU has an important role in ensuring that the voice of teachers is heard as TQI goes about their important role in the ACT community.

Anthony replaces fellow Canberra-based Organiser Berna Simpson who has made a significant contribution to the board over the past six years. This contribution was recognised by the TQI board chair Natalie Howson at a dinner following the most recent meeting.

Berna considers the introduction of TQI accreditation of early childhood teachers as the most significant changes in education in the ACT in recent years and has been pleased to have been able to be a voice for our members throughout this process. The board’s recent move towards a more teacher-oriented accreditation process is another significant change.

Berna has also played a role in broadening the acceptance of a range of professional development that can be used as evidence for accreditation purposes. The change in the way this is managed has led to a pleasing reduction in the time teachers spend in compliance obligations, and will lead to more in-school processes being accepted as reflective practice.

Berna would like to thank the IEU for affording her the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

Anthony is looking forward to the challenges of the position and is excited by the prospect of presenting the members’ voice to the committee. He acknowledges that the teaching profession is facing some obstacles and believes it is vital that the voice of teachers is heard in places that play such a significant role in shaping the direction of teaching in the ACT.

One aspect of particular interest to Anthony is the growing numbers of teachers at the ‘Permit to Teach’ level of accreditation working in ACT schools. This group of often made up of young members who are particularly vulnerable, and their progress needs to be monitored. The IEU has a strong interest in ensuring the long-term success of these teachers.

Anthony begins his appointment at the TQI Board meeting on 28 November.