Teacher pay moving across all sectors

As the 2023 school year draws to a close, teachers in NSW Catholic systemic schools have received or will shortly receive increases in pay of between 12% and 8%, in line with increases received by Department of Education teachers. ACT teachers have also received significant increases this year.

The IEU is currently negotiating with other groups of schools to flow on these increases. Christian schools represented by the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) and Model A, B and C Catholic independent schools have all made pay offers which show some recognition of the new reality that finally teachers’ work is being recognised. These negotiations are continuing and we are not there yet. Christian Schools Australia, representing over 35 schools, is still considering its position.

The IEU is hearing every day about an independent school represented by the AIS that is increasing pay for teachers or all staff by up to 8%. However, other independent schools are keeping their cheque books closed and hoping the issue will go away. This is not good enough and schools will start bleeding staff if they cannot do better. Do not hesitate to contact your Organiser for assistance in pursuing this issue.