No matter what obstacles we face, we will step up to the challenge

I trust you enjoyed the Christmas break to recover, relax and rejuvenate for the year ahead. I hope you took the time to head off to explore our beautiful country.

Let’s hope that 2021 will be an eventful year and one during which we are able to return to some kind of normality both in our schools and everyday life.

No matter what obstacles we face, I am confident we will step up to the challenges as we did so well during 2020.

We must not become complacent when it comes to following the guidelines to keep both students and ourselves safe and healthy remember that:

physical distancing for adults is still to be enforced in staff areas and meetings

wearing of masks is a personal choice for both teachers and students

students over the age of 12 must wear masks when travelling to and from school and during school excursions by public transport

hygiene protocols must be enforced in all schools, including washing and sanitising of hands and cleaning all equipment including desks and chairs after each lesson, if students move to another classroom

schools are expected to provide cleaning equipment and sanitiser for all staff and students,

field trips, excursions, camps, swimming and other sporting carnivals can proceed with COVID-19 safety plans in place.

Ask your principal or visit the NSW Health website for up to date information.

Welcome back to staff who have been on exchange, maternity or carer’s leave or extended long service leave. Once settled into Term 1, organise a chapter meeting to keep you up to date with issues that are relevant to your sector.

Elect an IEU Rep or take a position on a chapter committee for the year to assist with issues and call meetings when needed.

Best wishes for a great year, follow health guidelines and keep safe and well. I look forward to working for and with you throughout the year.