By the numbers

The IEU is a strong and growing union of teachers in early childhood education, primary schools and high schools, support staff of all kinds and student teachers. As of January 2021, we have a total of 32,267 members in NSW and the ACT.

Teachers: 26,868 (Jan 2020: 26,113)

Support staff: 4825 (Jan 2020: 4521)

Trainees and apprentices: 4

Students: 570

The figures above also include:

First-year-out teachers: 344

Principals: 577

Teachers in English Language Colleges (ELICOS): 313

Teachers in early childhood centres: 1261

Catholic Education Office staff and education consultants: 581

The IEU always welcomes new members. Please encourage your colleagues to join the union that represents the industrial rights and professional interests of employees in the non-government education sector.