Busy year ahead for support staff

Welcome to 2021. Planning is underway for our biannual Support Staff Conference. Hopefully, COVID will not get in the way, as these conferences are enriching and fun. This is not the only PD the union offers support staff, so keep an eye out for upcoming dates via our website.

Term 1 sub branch meetings begin in early February and are invaluable to all members and everyone is most welcome to come. To check your sub branch meeting details, please go to our website and click on PD, training, meetings, choose your branch and register.

Your 2021 union fees are due if you pay upfront to gain the discount. Please ensure your payment details are correct. If you wish to pay by payroll deduction check with your payroll office, as not all employers offer this service. Fortnightly payments are only available for full-time/part-time members who pay via payroll deductions. For those who have had a change of personal details such as email address, home or school address or a change in working hours, notify union membership.

The Joint working party will continue its work during Terms 1 and 2. Hopefully, a positive result will be forthcoming sooner than later (see p4).

Your Working With Children Check can be renewed from three months before it expires. Worth checking the expiry date, because you need it current for your employment.

Issue a challenge to members to recruit staff members who are not in the union. It would be fantastic to have 100 percent coverage in all schools. It's so easy to join, just go onto the website and click Join up.

Wishing you a happy, safe and healthy start to 2021.