Effective communication

Communication, from the Latin word commūnicāre, means “to share”. It is something the IEU takes very seriously for all its members. Effective communication cannot, in this day and age, progress without the internet. I encourage members to adjust emails to always accept IEU communications, so they don’t go to spam. As we have found, with the recent Enterprise Agreement for systemic schools, not all emails go to the inbox.

The Union continues to highlight the needs of school support staff (general employees) by making available to us the Gaining Ground enews.

This is a quote from our Gaining Ground enews:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the IEU’s innovation for communicating with support and operational staff, the Gaining Ground enews.

This enews has been designed as a convenient and quick way for support and operational staff who are members of the IEU to stay in touch with Union activities, and get all the latest news from the sector at a glance.

We look forward to sending Gaining Ground to you each term, it will arrive automatically in your inbox. Please feel free to forward it to your support and operational colleagues. We hope you enjoy Gaining Ground and look forward to your feedback and suggestions for future issues.

Our roles are diverse to say the least. At the moment we have 4399 NSW members and 221 ACT members. We come from many and varied job descriptions. Here are some examples: Aboriginal education workers, archivists, AV technicians, boarding house staff, bursars and accounts staff, bus drivers, canteen staff, caretakers and security staff,clerical and administrative staff, counsellors, food technicians and assistants, foundation and event management staff, gardeners, IT staff, journalists and communications staff, library staff, assistant and aides, maintenance staff, nurses, operational staff, teachers aides, tradespeople, uniform shop staff and many more. With the coverage of such a varied workforce, we need to have relevant information at a glance. Something the Union is addressing all the time, especially by setting up Gaining Ground enews.

Carolyn Collins
Vice President Support Staff