Early childhood teacher accreditation

The IEU has been a key stakeholder at further early childhood accreditation working party meetings.The negotiations are continuing in respect of recognition of early childhood teachers’ professionalism and experience.

What is known:

Early childhood teachers who have taught in the five years preceding 1 January 2016 should be able to seek accreditation. Teachers should seek statements of service from past employers if they are currently not working in early childhood teaching. Teachers coming close to five years out of service should seek some casual days employment as a teacher.

Existing teaching qualifications as approved by ACECQA will be recognised by BOSTES.

University qualified teachers currently working in other roles in centres should seek to be employed as a teacher for a least a day in the lead up to 1 January 2016.

Teachers starting after the 1 October 2016 will be provisionally or conditionally accredited to teach and need to seek full accreditation at Proficient.

The IEU will be running information sessions throughout NSW on early childhood transition to BOSTES teacher accreditation. IEU members will be given preference to attend these events. Read your emails and check www.ieu.asn.au for events this term.

Speak to your teaching colleagues about joining the IEU. We are the Union that represents teachers at BOSTES and have over a decade’s worth of experience helping teachers with accreditation queries and issues. Other unions do not have the experience or expert staff to assist teachers. www.ieu.asn.au/join-the-ieu.

For more details email accreditation@ieu.asn.au.

Amy Cotton
Professional Officer