Postcard campaign targets Wilcannia-Forbes director

The Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese mailbag is about to get a lot heavier as IEU members start a postcard campaign protesting its directive blocking staff from taking Long Service Leave (LSL) in short blocks.

Staff in this diocese work at some of the most remote schools in NSW, yet are not permitted to take a few days LSL to take children to medical appointments in Sydney, settle them in boarding school or take them to family functions that could be a day’s travel away. The diocese covers 50% of NSW.

Other dioceses do allow staff to do this, even though their travel times may be shorter. In Wilcannia-Forbes staff must take LSL in blocks of no less than three weeks.

Wilcannia-Forbes IEU Organiser Marilyn Jervis said staff in these schools felt isolated and disadvantaged by the decision of new Director Anthony Morgan.

“They are concerned that young teachers will not be attracted to work in the area because of this ruling,” Marilyn said.

There was a unanimous vote at IEU Council in August to object to the decision, and the IEU AGM on 17 October the IEU launched a postcard campaign asking Mr Morgan to reverse his decision.

It reads:

“Mr Morgan your staff don’t need three weeks to attend a wedding in Sydney nor to take a child to a representational sports event.
“They don’t need three weeks to settle a child into boarding school. They need one or two days.
“Please, for the sake of the emotional and physical wellbeing of your staff, reconsider your policy.”

If you would like to get hold of some postcards to send in support of your colleagues, contact your IEU Organiser.