What about me?

Lizzie Pogson

Conference delegate Lizzie Pogson has written a protest song for early childhood teachers, but the packed schedule didn’t allow time for its performance. Adapted from ‘What about Me’, ‘What about Us’ is a call for equity, and empowerment for early childhood teachers.

The Albury Partnering Group teacher provides casual relief to 20 different preschools in the region, so she knows a lot of teachers.

“I think it would be wonderful if we could all go on strike, march on parliament house and have pay parity, recognition for the work we do, fairness for families and children and pay equity for women.”

What About Me?

Well there’s a three year old waiting at the gate into the preschool grounds,
He’ll be waiting down there, waiting all the year, the governments don’t see him from the top!
He’ll get no funds, just higher fees,
It’s bringing us all to our knees.
What about me, it isn’t fair,
I’d like my chance, now I want my share,
Can’t you see, because I’m three?
You penalise me, raise my fees.
Well there’s a pretty girl teaching at the preschool in your local town,
She’s been waiting back there, waiting for her dreams, of funds and equity – they never stop,
Well she’s not that proud, she’s one of THIS crowd, we’ll run to the streets and we’ll scream . . .
What about me, it isn’t fair,
We’re under-funded, we deserve our share, can’t you see, we wanna teach
But you just make that past our reach!
So take a step back and see these little people. They may be young but they’re the ones, needing the big people to listen . . .so listen . . .as they whisper.
What about me?
And now we’re underfunded, fighting for the world to come
Government’s changed, but nobody’s been saved
And we’re feeling cold and alone
Guess we’re not lucky, not got a lot
And always we wish for more than we’ve got
What about me, it isn’t fair
We’ve had enough, we deserve our share,
Can’t you see, just wanna teach?

But you just make it
You just make it
You just make it out of reach!
What about me...?
What about he and she?
What about we?