New deal for Shore support staff

Elizabeth Abbey and Elizabeth Glynn, nurses at Shore (centre) with Robert Seals and Ann–Maree McEwan.

The IEU has been part of bargaining meetings for Shore staff and school representatives throughout Term 3 to negotiate the next single enterprise agreement for support and operational staff.

The school has been keen to emphasise through the agreement process that they highly value the support and operational staff.

The enterprise agreement will be a four year agreement. The substantial matters have been agreed and drafting will be the next step.

Agreement has been reached for favourable annual pay increases. The first pay increase will be brought forward six months. Matching the Shore teachers' enterprise agreement, the school has proposed gradual superannuation contribution increases reaching 12% by the end of the agreement.

Some groups of support staff not currently covered by the Shore enterprise agreement will be included this time such as the nurses and early learning centre.

Newsmonth will report in more detail once the agreement has been finalised.

Ann-Maree McEwan
Robert Seals
Industrial Officer