Facebook feedback: October

Should parents assist with their kids homework?

Simon I think we are forgetting: there is no research that supports homework in primary school. And there is little support for homework in early secondary. I will even go further and say that setting out homework for these years can be counter productive and indicative of poor teaching practice.

The demands and responsibilities of Information Technology in the classroom

Amanda That’s when it actually works properly and you don’t spend half the day fixing log ins that don’t work or devices that aren’t connecting to the internet, good in theory, not so easy in practice.

Hands off our Paid Parental Leave

Stephanie This is so important. Thank you for representing or interests.

Delaying your child’s education – is it a mistake?

Rebecca I kept my two eldest back and it was the best decision ever. They love school, are happy and confident to push themselves. Rikky I think you really have to look at each child, our own views, and those of their preschool teachers. My son started closer to six in age. He wasn’t ready earlier. My daughter, third child, started closer to four and a half in age. So ready!Samantha The parent is the child’s first educator. Only you know if your child’s ready. Keep in mind all the self help skills they will have to have to be able to start school – toileting, asking to join in a game, opening lunch wraps etc.

Victorian early childhood teachers will finally be paid like their colleagues in schools.

Sarah It will now be rare to have a shortage of EC teachers in Victoria.Gerty I hope that with pay parity comes an overhaul of what is considered ‘normal responsibilities’ of teachers working in long day care centres. I don’t think cleaning bathrooms is part of the job description of school teachers and yet we have to factor that in our working day on top of all the paperwork that’s supposed to prove that we are indeed doing what we do: teaching. As for professional equality, I wonder if EC teachers working in long day care programing and planning conditions will be reviewed, lengthened perhaps to more than the minimum two hours? Surely primary school teachers get more to do their programing?

Are you worried about finding a full-time/permanent job?

Natasha Completed my Dip Ed in 1993. Same situation. Those years are tough. You watch your peers getting married, buying houses, having kids, moving up in their chosen career and all the while you’re still trying to get a job. Can be very depressing but things do get better.

Deborah Don’t forget the longer you’re casual, you are competing on a higher wage with new grads. Evidence lately of schools going for the cheapest option.

Dana Good luck to all those who are looking for something temporary or permanent for 2016. This time can be very emotional and stressful for those looking for positions. Take care of those around you who do not know what the future brings.