Refugees' personal stories have impact

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCoA) continued their partnership with the IEU by presenting a PIP in Newcastle on Wednesday 1 March. Two presenters from the Refugee Council of Australia shared information and stories with a group of 45 teachers from a wide variety of schools and early childhood centres across the Newcastle region.

Rebecca Langton spoke about the international refugee crisis, the process for entry to Australia by refugees and gave us information about how we can help in this matter. Deema Yako spoke about her personal experience as a refugee and the struggles she and her family faced as they left their homeland due to war and made the long and gruelling journey to Australia.

Participants relished the time for questions and answers and Deena was happy to try and provide advice for those working with students from refugee backgrounds. There was quite a bit of positive networking for members who attended this PIP and we look forward to hosting further event with RCoA in the near future.