Fight for redundancy pays dividends

In February, the IEU represented three early childhood members before the Fair Work Commission. The Union fought on behalf of its members to have their redundancy pay paid to them by their former employer.

The once busy Norwest Childcare Centre in western Sydney, employing up to 25 early childhood workers, closed after it was sold by its owners to a developer in November for $8.5 million.

Despite this large profit, the owners made no provision to pay the $250,000 in redundancy owed to the former employees. One of the centre’s owners, Nesha Hutchinson, is Vice President of the Australian Childcare Alliance.

IEU Secretary John Quessy said last week: “The IEU has fought tirelessly to ensure fairness and the rule of law are observed in the early childhood education sector”.

“ We will never accept early childhood sector employers attempting to abscond with our member’s entitlements. The IEU stands in total solidarity with these early childhood members and their fight to have their redundancy pay awarded to them.”

The case was due to be heard again before the Fair Work Commission this month, however was favourably resolved when all outstanding claims were fully settled by the employer.

“When you consider the extensive cost of litigation and the difficulties that are often associated with fighting for one’s workplace entitlements and rights, it just doesn’t make any rational sense not to be part of your Union,” said Verena Heron, Senior Industrial Officer.