Inspirational story

Hard to believe that we are more than half way through Term 1. It is always a busy time for everyone. The extreme heat did not assist as we sweltered through the first four weeks. Bring on the cooler weather.

I would like to congratulate Lubna Haddad and James Jenkins-Flint who have been appointed as officers to the IEU. We look forward to working with them and I know that they are going to bring talent and enthusiasm to their new roles.

Once again we celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday, 3 March at the IEU’s Wattle Street office. The guest speaker was Emma Husar MP, Federal Member for Lindsay.

What an inspiration, as she shared her life’s journey and her personal experiences of growing up with domestic violence.

As the statistics show many of the students that sit in our classes on a daily basis are also going through some type of violence in the home. As a Union, we recognise that we have to do more to protect our students and those affected by these terrible events.

The Catholic systemic schools enterprise agreement drags on, and members are reminded to hold Chapter meetings and keep up to date with the NewsExtras and visit the IEU website for further information and clarification on the progress of this claim.

I welcome our visiting exchange teachers to our schools and hope that your time with us will be both rewarding and enjoyable. If any members are thinking about teaching overseas in the near future, just make contact with Exchange Coordinator Helen Gregory who will be only to happy to assist you. I would also like to thank Helen for all the time and effort that she dedicates to the successful teacher exchange program.

The Activists Conference is being held again this year in April during the school holidays, so if you are an activist and would like to attend, please contact Marilyn Jervis or Helen for further information. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other activists, network, share stories and learn how to be an even better IEU member in your school or chapter.

I wish you all a successful year and look forward to meeting you at branch meetings, PIPs or forums throughout the year.

If you are a new member to the IEU, I welcome you and encourage you to be an active member and become involved at school, branch or council level.

Chris Wilkinson