Accreditation and casual teachers

NESA advise that casual and part time teachers may use evidence collected across a number of schools to finalise their accreditation at one school. During this time, schools have the responsibility to assist you verify evidence of your work.

Across all employment situations, it’s the teacher accreditation authority’s responsibility, in consultation with the casual or part time teacher and an experienced supervising teacher, to determine when an accreditation decision can be reliably made about your practice as a teacher. The school, where you are being supported through your accreditation, may need to consult with other NSW schools where you have collected evidence of your teaching practice.

The NESA website has a link to a booklet that may be of assistance to you:

Lots of the information from NESA still carries a BOSTES logo. That’s fine, they are in the process of rebranding so it’s the same authority and their information is still relevant.

For further information you can email with any questions.