Students get to know their union

The IEU stall was a popular presence once again at EdFest, the annual education careers expo at Western Sydney University.

This important event provided prospective teachers with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the work of the Union, and how membership provides insurance, protecting their rights at work, assisting with their accreditation and providing general advice on a number of employment and training matters.

IEU organisers spoke to preservice early childhood teachers and all teachers wanting to work in non government schools.

The presentations covered the different awards and the ways in which the Union assists in ensuring the right salary is paid and proper recognition is given to teacher training and education.

The presentation to early childhood teachers was especially important as many providers do not have award agreements and offer new teachers individual contracts, many of which are under award levels, leaving them underpaid and vulnerable.

Student teachers were also unaware that their membership was free and were surprised by the number of professional development courses offered to assist them along the way.

Overall, it was heartening to see so many young and enthusiastic teachers in the pipeline and signing up to be IEU members as well.

Lubna Haddad