Working to protect and enhance principals' interests

Pam Smith
Principals Organiser

The Term 4 IEU Principals Branch meeting was held on 12 November at the Union’s Parramatta office.

A major focus of the meeting was discussion of the most recent draft from Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) of the systemic principals’ enterprise agreement (EA). Input from the Branch meeting was much appreciated and useful for the Union’s meeting with CCER on 15 November.

Since the meeting with CCER, the IEU has provided feedback in regard to a range of EA issues, including greater protection around performance review for progression from Foundation to Accomplished levels. Specific issues relating to ACT principals have also been pursued.

The IEU understands that Sydney Archdiocese still wishes to proceed with its own separate EA for 2017 and beyond. IEU meetings with SCS are scheduled for early in December.

Other areas of discussion at the Branch meeting included workload and wellbeing issues and a copy of the Wollongong Diocese’s new Principal Health and Wellbeing Policy was circulated. The meeting also welcomed a superannuation update from Brent Hopping from NGS Super.

Principals Branch members discussed the NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Children with Special Needs and input from principals is welcome to help inform the IEU’s submission to the inquiry.

IEU meetings with principal members were held in Wollongong on 24 November (teleconference), Armidale on 25 November, Sydney on 29 November and Lismore on 2 December. A teleconference with independent sector principals was held on 10 November.

In regard to Principals Branch meetings for 2017, the proposed dates are 11 February, 6 May, 5 August and 4 November. These dates will be confirmed at the 2017 Branch AGM on 11 February.

The IEU thanks Principals Branch members for their contribution during the past year and looks forward to continuing to work to protect and enhance principals’ professional, industrial and wellbeing interests.