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New French laws make it illegal for employers to contact employees after work hours

Kerry: After tucking in kids, teachers and parents from 8 till 5 and then run meetings which often went till 9 or after (school council......) emailing at night was the only option. Can somebody please explain to me why people reading their emails at 9 in the morning get all fired up when they see that an email was sent at 2am. SO WHAT???!!!! Up to the individual when they read, up to the individual when they send.

Shinaz: I don't expect people to read my emails outside of work hours. And if I'm the recipient and don't want to read mine I won't. Not that difficult.

Mark: It should be about the expectation of reading them in work hours. We get an email everyday at about 6.30am outlining who is away, the replacements and variations to the daily routine, as an LOL (Head Teacher in the old language) I find it important to know if any of my staff are away, and who is replacing them as sometimes it will dictate something that I need to do during the day. Added to that it's often required for staff who are sick to email work for the day in to either the LOL or the APand this has to be done outside of work hours, so making it 'illegal' isn't really practical. I think that the expectation is that staff keep up with what is happening ... and if that means not checking them until you arrive at 8.30am, that's fine, but if you want to check stuff before that, that's ok as well. Common sense should prevail!

James: Why? I love student emails at 10.30 on Sunday nights.

Emma: My Australian workplace actively discourages sending or responding to emails outside of the working day. It's wonderful, everyone should do it. It's not that hard.

Debbie: Easy, just don't open them or have work emails on your device(s). Leave work at work and enjoy home life at home.

Marie-Therese: The expectation that we are available to students 24/7 is my difficulty.

Kim Williams on slipping standards in education

Bee: When big honchos in offices who have never taught in a classroom get their heads out of education and let teachers do what they know and do best things will change. Other professionals like doctors etc don't have to deal with crap like teachers do.

James: All sites and grades I’ve seen have Australia ranked 14th in the world. A position they've maintained for some time. Not sure where why he claims Australia is slipping. We still rank higher than most western nations.