Accepting prac placements - AITSL module not compulsory

Mark Northam
Assistant Secretary

Members in recent weeks have been contacted regarding their willingness to accept Initial Teacher Education students for 2017 placements.

Of concern has been the distribution of additional requirements seemingly derived from the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

The requirements were the necessary completion of a two hour model of online training if a teacher elected to accept a student teacher. Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (a 2013 NSW Government report) noted that professional learning programs must be registered with BOSTES and desirably provide credit towards university credentials.

Whilst the course may be useful it is entirely inappropriate to mandate it.

No discussions have occurred with the IEU regarding this development.

This is somewhat surprising as the IEU is signatory to an agreement with all NSW universities providing teacher education. The agreement sets out payment details and understandings to ensure that the student placement process is professionally rewarding for all.

A way forward is for universities to seek a meeting with the Union to better manage understandings.

Members should reject work intensification imposed upon them. Some universities are being proactive in this regard. For example, the Union understands Newcastle University has rescinded its initial communication to schools regarding 2017 and that revised communication indicates the completion of an AITSL module is not compulsory.

Payment details

Teacher Education Professional Experience Supervision Agreement 2015
The Parties agree to an all inclusive daily rate for Professional Experience (PE) supervision for each calendar year as follows. This rate does not apply to supervision of internships.
...........Daily Rates Supervision ...........Coordination
2015 28.50 1.40
2016 29.25 1.45
2017 30.00 1.50
Where one teacher is responsible for the entire supervision of PE, that teacher will receive the full daily rate. Sharing of PE supervision payments is limited to a maximum of two teachers, and the daily rate shall be paid to those teachers at the proportion nominated by them.
Universities shall ensure that efficient procedures are in place for the recording of, and payment for, PE supervision.