Injecting the teacher's perspective

The following letter was received by IEU Assistant Secretary Mark Northam from IEU BOSTES Rep Sallyann Burtenshaw, which highlights the important role teacher reps play at BOSTES.

Dear Mark
I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to attend the BOSTES meetings. I have gained so much professionally from being part of the consultation process.
The last meeting really was just to confirm that BOSTES had taken on board suggestions that came from the meeting. From a Union perspective I can confirm that they acknowledged the need to cut down on outcomes to relieve teacher workload, reducing the overall number by two.
I also had some input in ensuring that references to Indigenous content had to be authentic and teachers were not expected to make links on every outcome as this not only increases workload but makes the links tokenistic rather than authentic.
The discussions at the meetings were rigorous but I feel that the representatives were able to have a positive impact on the development of syllabus. I feel that I was able to inject a teacher’s perspective, which was important as CE sometimes had a differing view. On the whole there was more debate over terminology rather than content but we all left the meeting feeling positive that our voices had been heard.
I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses next year.
Thanks again.
Warm regards