Membership news

A warm welcome to 2023. We hope you’ve returned to your workplace refreshed after the break, ready for the year ahead, and that you can still find everything you’re certain you left on your desk before the holidays – we’re still looking for our stapler!

Last year was a busy and exhausting one but one in which more than 5000 new members joined us.

This has been our highest join number since Covid started, and signals a strong future for the union.

To those members who have already renewed, thank you for your ongoing support and for being so organised. For those who are yet to renew, if you can’t find your original email, please let us know via

We are happy to resend or you can call us to update: 8202 8900 – press 1.

Our annual Member Update will be sent to Chapter Reps this month. Please check in with your workplace Rep to confirm that your details are correct.

Updating your information with us ensures you are attached to the correct chapter, that you are paying the rate applicable to your workload and you can exercise all union benefits available to you, including voting rights.

We look forward to assisting you in 2023.

Membership Team