Learn more about inclusivity at Diversity in Education Conference

The Diversity in Education Conference is hosted by the Australian Education Union (AEU) and the NSW Teachers Federation, with support from Education International. It is a teacher union-focused event.

The conference is an international LGBTQ+ forum for educators to create awareness and understanding of gains and challenges facing LGBTQ+ workers within schools, and an opportunity to build community.

The conference is on Tuesday 28 February 2023, at NSW Teachers Federation House Auditorium (37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills), the day before the Sydney World Pride Human Rights Conference.


The Conference aims to increase awareness of social justice issues facing LGBTQ+ communities within schools, as well as demonstrated pathways to achieve legal and policy reform.

The conference will have a global focus, including capacity building, sharing stories and experiences as well as information sharing to build solidarity and grow our education union movement.

The conference will also aim to connect participants with others who have various experiences from around the world.

The conference will cover the following:

  • community and culture
  • justice and freedom
  • visibility and inclusion.

Community and culture

What does education look like for LGBTQ students? How far have we come? Are we regressing? What is the impact of anti-LGBTQ groups on education?

Examples of how this is being addressed and how we can organise around this.

What are the social justice issues facing our communities in schools, and how legal and policy reform has assisted/could assist to address areas of concern?

Justice and freedom

Discussion will include:

  • How to create safe learning environments for students and working environments for teachers. Could include examples of effective programs.
  • How do teachers cover human rights?LGBTIQ rights in the curriculum with the various legal and cultural frameworks operating in various countries.
  • What legal/ethical/moral/cultural frameworks exist for educators in various countries and how does this affect LGBTIQ teachers in their work?

Visibility and inclusion

Discussion will include:

  • Visibility at work, opportunities to be authentic in working lives
  • Celebration of LGBTQ days/ people /culture at work.


Email pd@ieu.asn.au to obtain a promotional code to register for the conference. When purchasing your ticket, you start by adding a $400 ticket to the cart. On the next page, enter the promotional code. The price will then revert to $250.

Registrations are now open: AEU Diversity in Education Conference | Pride Amplified. Cost for IEU/Federation members: $250; non-members: $400