We will achieve great things together

Welcome to another invigorating school year. I hope that everyone was able to have down time and restore the mental balance somewhat. In my holiday list of to-do items, was the necessary clean out and cull.

Among the papers was an article from my local newspaper in March 2000, where I was encouraging teachers to attend a joint rally in Sydney. I remember that day so clearly. The camaraderie and sense of purpose was so strong – same as 2022 when we rallied with NSW Teachers Federation members. Unfortunately, the issues are still similar.

This year is going to prove yet again we will need to stand together and maintain our voice so that employers will hear the concerns of their employees.

The pay cap enforced by the NSW Government hampers our salary outcomes; the shortage of teachers and high vacancy rates affects the staffing of schools and student outcomes; teachers are teaching outside their area of expertise, there are large class sizes and high temporary employment.

Collectively, we can and will achieve a lot. After all, it’s what we do, it’s who we are. Stand strong, speak up, hear our voice.