Change is in the air

Welcome to 2023; a year in hopeful anticipation of gains, growth and gumption!

There is change in the air and our union is riding the tailwind. We can be confident that this year our union will make change happen. Our collective, galvanised action will get us there, because we are the union and this is our year. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this great organisation?

So Term 1, have those convivial conversations with colleagues about why being part of the union is a good thing. Have a chat to non-members, lapsed members, early career teachers, new support staff – explain our gains, growth and gumption of recent years. Spread the optimism that the union can be the solution to those niggling issues at the start of the year: timetables; contracts; classifications.

Best wishes to new teacher-members who have joined the profession – you are valued and important and instrumental in your role in educating and shaping the generation of tomorrow. The union is here to keep you sane and supported. To support staff members – we recognise the invaluable work you perform that is not in isolation to the work performed in classrooms. The union will strive to maintain the dignity of your labour.

It’s going to be a busy time and the IEU Executive is ready! Have a good term.