Support staff

A force to be reckoned with

The 2023 school year is here and it is time to get back into it. I’m very excited to be back with our students with a hit of nerves as to what the new year will bring.

The Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of support staff is “the people that work for an organisation to keep it running and to support the people who are involved in the organisation’s main business”

The fight is still needed for support staff across our dioceses, especially for senior administration staff in our regional primary schools with enrolments under 400 students. And our Aboriginal Education Officers – the work they do for what they’re paid isn’t right!

I’m looking forward to continuing the fight for all support staff. In the words of my predecessor, Carolyn Collins: “We need to be a force to be reckoned with! Stand for justice for fair wages, manageable workloads and proper recognition for all support staff.”

Let’s keep the work going that is required and I hope the beginning of the new school year is a positive and good one for you all.