Notes of support

NSW MP Prue Car Shadow Minister for Education, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Learning
(spotted at our Sydney rally, 30 June)

“Massive congratulations on an amazing show of strength and support for this incredible profession. It’s historic that the unions from both sectors are here, speaking with one voice on behalf of one profession. NSW has a chronic teacher shortage that the state government has ignored for over a decade. It is the most important issue our state is facing.”

NSW MP Tim Crakanthorp (right)
Shadow Minister for Skills and TAFE Shadow Minister for Tertiary Education

“I’m a big supporter of the IEU. My wife’s a teacher, my parents were teachers and my grandmother was a teacher. Parents recognised the work of teachers during COVID, but the employers certainly haven’t. I support the IEU and its members for getting out there, demonstrating, and making your voices heard – you’re at the frontline and should be rewarded appropriately.”

Tim Crakanthorp is pictured with IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary Mark Northam

Monica Crouch