We act because we care

I had the opportunity to speak at the Wollongong rally and march to more than 2300 teachers and support staff.

I was so inspired by those teachers and support staff from over 108 schools.

I also recognise that we are colleagues across schools and systems, who work in all types of schools, and we care for our students and the profession’s future.

That is why we went on strike. That is why we took our cause to the streets. We care for their future and ours.

Our message to our employers is not hard, or difficult, or impossible.

We demand that they hear our voice. We are the ones with feet on the ground, faces in front of classes who are doing the work in schools.

Our log of claims is not hard to understand:

  • proper pay
  • improved preparation time
  • improved conditions for support staff
  • less admin and paperwork demands
  • strategies to address the chronic staff shortages across all sectors within Catholic schools.

Hear our voice, Catholic employers.

We are your strength! We are your voice too. We deserve and demand more than thanks. We deserve and demand that you hear our voice.

The strength of this campaign is in our numbers. Therefore, keep encouraging those who are not members to sign up and join us on this critical journey of our profession. Ask, encourage, inspire those who are not members to be a member colleague with you.

Join online or call us on 8202 8900, or it’s as easy as: ieu.asn.au/join-page