Your concerns answered

Public register of teachers

The IEU has heard from a number of teachers concerned about NESA’s new Public Register of Teachers, particularly around privacy issues.

The IEU has received assurances from NESA that it will not disclose a teacher’s personal details such as their address, school, phone number, date of birth or any details of qualifications, employment history or accreditation status during a phone query.

Anyone making such enquiries claiming to be a teacher will be directed to their eTAMS account. Anyone stating that they have forgotten their password will be directed to reset it on eTAMS, using their email address.

If a caller says they have forgotten or no longer have access to their email address, NESA will need to be satisfied as to the person’s identity by verifying details. The burden of proof will be on the person making the enquiry. NESA will not provide any of the above information.

The online public register will only contain:

  • the teacher’s name (the name NESA has on record)
  • their accreditation number
  • their accreditation status(active or inactive only).
Veronica Yewdall
Professional Officer
Sue Osborne