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Thwack! The Glorious Sound of Summer

Author: Ashley Mallett

Publisher: Wakefield Press

Cricket stories abound in Thwack!, from Jack Hobbs’ adventures Down Under in the summer of 1907–08, to Bradman, Lillee, Warne, the Chappells, ‘Tibby’ Cotter, Viv Richards and Clive Lloyd. Imagine yourself in the stands watching Bradman versus Warne at the top of their form. Read the intriguing rise of Billy Birmingham, The 12th Man. What is lyricist Tim Rice’s cricket story? Start with the most painful whack of them all – the story of Bumble and the pink box.

A Letter from your Teacher on the first day of school

Author: Shannon Olsen

Illustrated by: Sandie Sonke

From the author and illustrator of Our Class is a Family, this heartwarming picture book helps teachers in welcoming their new group of students on the first day of school. Through a letter written from the teacher’s point of view, students are given the message that their new teacher is someone they will get to form a special bond with. Their teacher is not only there to help them academically, but also to cheer them on, and to provide a caring, safe environment for them to learn and grow.

There is a blank space on the last page for teachers to sign their own name, so that students know that the letter in the book is coming straight from them. With its sincere message and inclusive illustrations, A Letter from your Teacher is a valuable addition to any primary school teacher’s classroom library.

The Kangaroo Islanders: A story of South Australia before colonisation 1823

Author: Rick HoskingPublisher: Wakefield Press

Written in the mid-1850s before any official or more orthodox history of the South Australian colony had appeared, The Kangaroo Islanders is one of the few colonial novels that represents in fleeting glimpses some of the improvisational and interactive encounters between the colonisers and the colonised on the edges of the island continent.

A remarkable and colourful book, this novel represents life on Kangaroo Island in the period between 1802–36. Rick Hosking has annotated the book extensively with absorbing historical information and fascinating details of personalities and events, making this new edition of The Kangaroo Islanders a delight for both fiction fans and history buffs. And art lovers too, for the book includes pages of many of WA Cawthorne’s best watercolours, reproduced in colour.