More than 300 enthusiastic teachers and support staff stepped up for the Albury rally.

IEU Executive member Simon Goss spoke passionately about the state of the profession and the hardships school staff are facing. “We’ve been constantly undervalued, our worth has not been respected, and we have been silenced for questioning policies and processes,” Goss said. “Well, hear our voices now!”

Members of both the IEU and the NSW Teachers Federation cheered their support for each of the five key points of the IEU’s claim.

Teachers Federation member and Albury High School teacher Elyse Burns addressed the rally, deploring how the NSW Government is devaluing the passion and energy of teachers. She said that teachers love to teach, that their skills, talents and energy should be justly rewarded, and they should be given adequate time to prepare and deliver quality education.

Both IEU and Teachers Federation members then marched loudly and proudly down Dean Street to Queen Elizabeth II square while chanting “Hear our voice!” and “More than thanks!” – a strong show of unity and solidarity between members of both unions.

Thanks go to the members of both unions for their participation; to the IEU members who helped so willingly; and to officials of both unions for organising and chant-leading.

Anthony Telford